April 8, 2013

Closing down this blog account!

Dear guys! Sorry but I'd like to close this account: my life is so dynamic at the moment that Instagram is the only space I'm actually keeping updated, you can always find me there ;). I'm considering opening FB account instead of this one since it's easier to handle via smartphone.

So, thank you all for following ;). I'll make sure I'm visiting your blogs in some way.

Always yours,


March 25, 2013

Easter Stories


Hello guys! It has been a while I've posted smthg here, but those who follow on Instagram know that at least it has been updated more frequent ;).

We have strated preparations for Easter, there will be 2 celebrations this year: Danish and Ukrainian. Here are some snapshots of our Easter decorations.

Are you decorating as well?


February 23, 2013

Return of the weekly working wardrobe ;). Week 9

Hello!I know, I know, there was no consistency in my weekly working wardrobe postings...Well, busy times and other excuses. At least I managed to put few sets for the next week. Have a look all of looks are based on dresses that can be used with or without blazer, with or without top or blouse under, with or withough scarf, this gives tons of mix & match possibilities. This time I'm also adding pictures of "office shoes" since it's still cold and I'm switching boots into shoes at work.

Which one is your favorite?


February 16, 2013

Back from India!!!!!!!!!!

What a country: fantastic food, constrasts in everything, great people! My trip lasted 3 days, longs fligts, transfer in Qatar and hours and hours of work. But you know what, it's worth it! 29-30 degrees heat, sunshine and lots of impressions. It has been a great trip. Here's a small re-cap:


February 3, 2013

Favorite street style images from Copenhagen Fashion Week

You know girls, I'm a bit upset: Scandinavia is very focused on eco lifestyle, thousands are vegetarians, there are so many shops were you can get vintage; recycling is in it's best. And with all those things comes extreme increase in wearing fur :(, fine if it's in a minimun quantity...but this year is shocking, everyone seems to be jumping on that boat. I do have a few small things in fur, but with years I try to limit it or wear fake fur. Same with leather actually, look at Stella McCartney, she's keeping to her principles and creates absolutelly gorgeous imitation leather items...

Next post will be dedicated to an absolutelly stunning event during fashion week: 10 years brand anniversary of By Malene Birger in the Royal Theater!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!

Always yours,