May 15, 2010

FASHION. Sunglasses Hunting Trophey

I've been hunting for a perfect pair of sunglasses since early spring. Last season I spent wearing aviators, for this sommer I wanted something new...

Tom Ford's sunnies are fantastic: neat and simple in great variety of tones and shades, no wonder his Whitney model became super popular, now Jennifer is well on a way. I fall immediately for the ones in dark grey shade :).

FEST. Wed Planner Part I "Sunny Yellow & Classy Grey"

Last year's greatest project was our wedding. I've created a huge folder called "Inspiration" and saved there all the DIY tips, creative ideas and out-of-this world gowns, shoes anf hairstyles images. Some of those ideas came into life...

Personalise your table

Here is an image of decorative letters, we've done similar for ourselves.

This is our interpretation together with bag and flowers.

FASHION. Burberry & Hornbæk Inspired :)

Who won't agree trench is the most practical piece of clothes for a rainy spring while rainboots keep us cheered up? My latest findings are Burberry inspired powder trench from Zara-classical but with the twist on shoulders :) and a pair of sweet rainies from Ilse Jacobsen. Viva, Ilse! These creamy boots will keep my mood up during beach walk or on a rainy shopping day...