June 21, 2012

My seaside story...

Well, I've disappeared for a moment: our girl got vaccination, so we've been a bit busy taking care of her. Today the sun is shining, she has it a bit better and we are just back from the walk to the sailing club, so I've got a moment to write a seaside story...

Our little family lives in a city with the harbor, one km away from the sea, we simply can't imagine our lives without it. My work has been connected with sea and my hobby (apart of blogging) is directly linked to the water: I love sailing and few years ago got a licence for small boats :). The sad is though that last time I've been steering a boat right before we found out about pregnancy, so it has been a while...And I truly miss it! The last photo is from one of the sailing competitions, good old days!!!


  1. Gladly follow you. Wish your baby to be healthy and lots of love U, dear!!!


  2. thank you for kind words darling!


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