July 9, 2012

Design School Graduation Works Preview. Part 1

Niviaq Binzer.
 Just the fact that Niviaq had internship at Alexander Mcqueen and
 Vilsbøl de Arce already tell the story :). Fantastic cut!
 This image could be easily published in Vogue
Hello darlings! What to do on a  rainy week? Blogging comes to my mind immediately :))). Last weekend was absolutely fantastic, I'd like to share promised details about Design School, the reason: yearly exhibition of the graduation works. I've tried to add some comments, would like to hear you opinion about it ;). Here's PART 1 (there will be 3 due to a huge amount of good material)  Enjoy! 

Доброе утро, мои дорогие! Чем заняться, когда всю неделю будет дождить? Конечно же любимый блог сразу же приходит на ум (нет, чтобы книжку умную почитать :))))). Прошлые выходные были просто фантастическими и сегодня я хочу поделиться своими впечатлениями о выпускных работах ребят из Design School. Я попробовала добавить немного комментариев, мне будет очень интересно почитать ваши отзывы :). Итак, сегодня ЧАСТЬ 1 из 3 (по причине огромного колличества интересностей, как мне кажется). Смотрите и решайте сами:

Niviaq expresses that mysteriousness of a Scandinavian fashion we all love,
 she manages to create a clean look with a complex cut

This is one of my personal favorites: I would be honored to own it!
 Hope will very soon hear more about this talented designer

Randi Samsonsen. Randi is specialising in knitting
 and creates absolutely fantastic pieces I'd love to wear

Fantastic shades and wonderful attention to details, love her knits!

When this will be sold in boutiques? 

It was particularly interesting to observe the creation process, notes,
 inspiration, story behind

Anna Borg. Anna creates very wearable,
 very Danish outfits with interesting details in calm and comfy shades

Nice sketches...

Bruno Kleist . Bruno studied also at London College of Fashion,
I'm sold while looking at these classic and chic creations!

I think this is an amazing shirt!

And to finalize the PART 1 a small surprise :). Of course I had to be in monochrome and Danish and with hair-do for this visit :))). Yeps, sometimes I remove my blazers and classic cut and wear complete "student style" outfits.

Was it interesting for you? Would you like to see two other parts? Let me know!


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  3. привет! очень интересный блог! похоже, мы в единой упряжке молодых мам со страстью к моде и шоппингу! присоединяюсь к твоему блогу! буду рада видеть тебя в своем!!!


  4. Spasibo, Diana! Rada, chto tu y menya v chitatelyax, ya yje yspela pobuvayt y tebya v gostyax i podpisatsya :)

  5. Stunning pictures, I love the dark lip <3
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    1. Thank you dear! I agree, that cake-up spices up the dramatic outfit even more.

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