July 14, 2012

Design School. Part 3 (English version only, Russian one will be updated soon!)

The Graduates (check my other post about "The Graduate" movie :)
This is quite a creative solution prepared by one of the graduates

I like the reflection of a classic Scandinavian house in a
 surface of a new building of the Design School

Happy weekend my dear readers :). I hope you're enjoying the time off work and trust the weather treats you way better than what we've got here these days :(. Anyway, in spite of raining cats & dogs we've taken long strolls in the city, have some guests visiting and I'm even cooking, which is not happening that often now, but I do enjoy it (there will be a nice "catch up" post on this at some point).

So this is the final part about the Design School and in a non-logical way (since I had to do it in the Part 1), let me introduce you to the School :)

From Wikipedia: "Designskolen Kolding (Kolding School of Design) is a University-level school that teaches design. It is located in the town of Kolding in eastern Jutland, Denmark. The school offers a 5-year education in graphic design, illustration design, industrial design, interaction design, fashion design and textile design. Kolding School of Design is one of two Danish design schools organised under the Danish Ministry of Culture, the other being The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. A majority of professional Danish designers have graduated from one of these two schools".

As you can see from the images, the last part is slightly "darker" and alternative compare to the previous two. Both Lea Zaar Østergaard and Brian Frandsen have created collections with lots of black (actually Lea's is only in black), inspired by a more underground style. I likes quite a lot of details and think some of the things can spice up any outfit and make it more special (e.g. jewelry shown on one of the pictures). 
Well, this was it about the graduates and the school. I've enjoyed the visit, learnt lots of new stuff and got some inspiration. Hope these 3 posts where interesting for you to read as well. In August I'll make one more short review reminding you about these guys because they are preparing the runway for the Copenhagen Fashion Week, so stay tuned!

Brian Frandsen

Sign at the entrance :)
Lea Zaar Østergaard
Lea Zaar Østergaard

Brian Frandsen

Lea Zaar Østergaard

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Lea Zaar Østergaard


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