December 23, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

What a shame from my side to competely step out from blogging for SO long. I can only appologize and add to my new year's resolution: KEEP blogging. Hope to keep up to this promise.

It was wonderful to see at blog's I follow things are goiing well. As usual I found tons of fashion, cooking and design inspiration. Still need to go through a few...

Our little family is warming up for Christmas at full speed. Here are a few snapshots of the recent "hygge".

Home-made candy, in Danish "konfekt" is a top popular thing on to-do list in December. Triangles are made from the recepy by Mette Blomstenberg, mega-talented lady behind "Det søde liv" program.

Christmas is almost thereand by the way, we have it double since Greek-catholic one in January is also celebrated :)))))))))))))))))))))

Always yours,


  1. ммм невероятно вкусно))

    1. Spasibo, dorogaya!Nadeys, prazdniki buli volshebnumi ;).

  2. Dear Nicoline, it'd be wonderful if you could post the recipes for those delicious looking danish konfekt - tak! and the pictures on your blog are absolutely amazing. thank you for the inspiration and Merry Christmas !

    1. Hello dear ladies from BLCK :). Merry X-mas and a Happy 2013 to you too. With slight delay, here are the recipes:

      1. triangles (appr. 25 pieces):
      1 orange
      150 g marczipan
      100 g nougat
      appr. 50 g good dark chocolate
      a bit of icing sugar

      Dry half of an orange zest on a plate, while mixing another half with marzipan. Use icing sugar to roll out marzipan into 15x15 cm square. In parallel form nougat intoa stripe 7,5x15 cm. It can get a bit moist from your hands warmth,use a bit of icing sugar,just not too much, otherwise layers will not stick to each other.

      Cut marzipan into two stripes 7,5x15 cm. Place nougat in the middle. Right after cover the top layer with melted chocolate and a bit of dried orange zest. "Chock" your konfekt in a fridge for a while and then cut into triangles.

      Let me know if the above seems doable ;).
      I'll write another one very soon!


  3. yay, looks great and relatively easy:) we will let you know once we try it out. superb. thanks a lot ! enjoy your weekend


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